Long-Range Planning

Early in 2015, the Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District, working with Community Design Solutions through the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, sent a survey to lake property owners asking for their input regarding the future of the Lake District's property, including the community center, golf course, and wetlands. The community center currently provides office space for the Water Safety Patrol and the Kettle Moraine Land Trust as well as the Lake District, and is currently used by a number of local organizations, including the Yacht Club, Lauderdale Aqua Skiers, and Sailing Club. The wetland area alongside Don Jean Bay provides a boardwalk for access to the shore, offers a show space to the Lauderdale Aqua Skiers, and includes storage space for our weed harvesting equipment and Water Patrol boat. The golf course and clubhouse are utilized by about one third of our lake residents.

While these three areas of our property are being used by a large number of our lake residents, we would like to offer other amenities and recreational features for more members of the community to enjoy. The results of the 2015 survey (you can find them below under Additional Information) demonstrated that the largest number of respondents are interested in other recreational activities such as pickle ball, tennis, and bocce ball, a full-service restaurant, a walking or cross-country ski trail around the property, and a full service café for breakfast and lunch.

Following the survey, we held a planning and informational meeting in August, 2015 seeking further opinions from Lake District residents. We anticipate holding additional public meetings as we continue to request your input and ideas to expand the use of our property. Any plans developed for the property during this process will depend upon the community's support, as changes will not be made to the property without the backing of our electorate.

Please plan to attend our future planning meetings, and contact us with your ideas and opinions regarding the use of property and necessary capital improvements.

Additional Information: