Lake District Septic Pumping

The Lake Management District manages a septic pumping program to protect the water shed area of Lauderdale Lakes.
Residents are assessed a separate, special charge (currently about $48) on their property taxes each year to have their septic tank pumped once every three years to help keep contamination out of the lakes. If you use your property full-time, you will have to schedule additional pumping visits on your own at an additional expense.

In the past, Walworth County sent lake home owners a card every three years requesting information on your septic. Our septic pumper is now working directly with the County on behalf of our lake homeowners and is filing the postcard information for you.
Please contact Andi White with any questions or concerns about the district septic pumping program.
Our current septic pumper, Associates Septic Services, is out of Elkhorn. 

The LLLMD Commissioner who oversees this project is John Summers.

Andi White: 262-348-6538
Associates Septic Services: 262-495-7004