Municipal Land Planning Committee Article #4


Lake District residents,


This is the fourth Lake District email in a series of articles to keep residents informed of the efforts to develop a design plan for a proposed new golf course clubhouse. If you have questions or want to provide input into the planning process please do not hesitate to contact either Jack Sorenson, Chairman of the Municipal Land Planning Committee and/or Dean Bostrom, Chairman of the Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District Board.


Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District

January 2023 - Municipal Land Planning Committee Report


As previously reported, the Municipal Land Planning Committee was created to review the future use of the Lake District’s municipal land and come up with a plan for our aging club house.  We are pleased to report that the Lake District recently approved the Committee’s recommendation to hire McCormack + Etten Architects from Lake Geneva to work with us in the design phase and creation of a replacement club house.


The following is some of the design criteria that the Committee has created and shared with the architects who bid the project.


The Committee began by recognizing several ongoing realities.


  • The Lauderdale Country Club while being a wonderful resource that adds value to our lake area, is and always will be a Local Nine Hole Course.
  • Primary users are lake residents and local area people.
  • It would be a mistake to make an informed decision on the club house without looking at the overall land use of the Municipal Area which includes the clubhouse, maintenance building and the Community Center areas. Hence, the title “Municipal Land Planning Committee”.
  • The clubhouse being over 100 years old has served much of its useful life.
  • Maintain some use flexibility for future needs and changes.


Land Plan Considerations:

  • Don’t change the current golf course layout.
  • Explore potential new sports activity locations (pickleball, tennis, bocce).
  • Golf course maintenance material storage bins and dumpsters.
  • Parking for water patrol, weed harvest and other Lake District equipment.
  • Septic location (master septic to be installed south of putting green).
  • Clubhouse Building location.


The committee ultimately decided to recommend building a new building in the old location, which the Lake District board has endorsed. 

  • It does not trigger a parking change.
  • It does not trigger changes to the golf course.
  • It will maintain many of the advantages of the current location.
  • It maintains the existing Community Center and surrounding land.


In developing the program for building a new clubhouse the Committee created the following:



Making the golf experience more exemplary for the community and future generations.



Provide a roadmap to replace our timeworn club house with a completely modern structure that enhances operation, function and harmony with the Lake District community and environment.



  • Design spaces so that one person can operate all functions of the clubhouse. Essentially those are registering golfers, managing tee times, managing golf carts and bar activities.
  • Design elements should not affect the play or layout of the golf course, other than improving the area between the nineth green and the clubhouse.
  • We are targeting a Lauderdale Clubhouse opening for May of 2025.



  • The building is to generally stay in the same location and be no larger than the current building. If it can be efficiently smaller, that would be desirable. 
  • The shell design should be very efficient to build.
  • The design should maintain and enhance the outdoor patio relationship to the bar and interior portions of the building. Ultimately try to increase the patio space.
  • Efforts should be made to improve the pedestrian access to the club house. Access directly into the east side of the club house should be looked at.  Consider improving pedestrian access to the club house with more distance from the ninth green. (Moving the east wall as far westerly as possible).  Plan to provide a landscape buffering area to the parking lot and to enhance the building entry.
  • The building should have a full basement with a minimum of 9-foot ceilings. This space will be used for storage and mechanicals.  This space could possibly be finished in the future for a meeting room with an elevator and secondary access.  The first floor of the building should be on one level, to provide more efficiently usable space as well as handicap accessibility.
  • The building will be designed for year-round use.



  • The Bar / Registration location should be together and located along the south wall for sight line to first tee, golf carts, bar service to patio and to be obvious to the front entrance door for registrants.
  • The south wall of the club house should have plenty of windows, with openings to the patio, and several access points. Perhaps an open bar window or garage door type of possible wall opening. 
  • Provide and enhance an indoor/outdoor bar patio cocktail area. Perhaps a planned large awning outdoors could add useable outdoor space.
  • The primary entry into the building should most likely be the north/east corner of the building. With a visual look to the registration area.  (Move this entry away from the ninth green as much as possible)
  • There should be a golf club storage area with outside access at the north side or east side for members to store clubs.
  • Provide space approximately 20 feet by 15 feet for a winter time golf simulator. It should be located in a safe area for the player to swing the club without harming other guests.
  • Provide a kitchen suitable for prepared food preparation and catering with spaces for storage of various service items.
  • Provide for men’s and women’s bathrooms sized for possible crowds of 130 people.
  • Provide open space areas within the structure for flexibility and alternate uses such as card playing, catering food service, gift tables for outings and a retail sales wall (for selling shirts, hats, etc. and recognition of donors)
  • Provide a small office space for the GC manager. Preferably with a window view of the course.
  • Keep the building fairly open so that there is flexibility through the years to make use adjustments.
  • Deliveries of beer, food and supplies are accessed from the drive at the north side of the building. A storage area should be considered in this area.



There is a strong unanimous feeling for keeping the current ambiance, quaintness, and cozy feeling of the clubhouse.  This includes the beamed ceiling, the wood ceiling materials, the warmth of the building and the fireplace.  

People always ask if we can keep the fireplace?  We don’t believe it is efficient and likely to be saved.  However, a similar design of the fireplace will be considered.


With the hiring of the architect, the goal is to complete the conceptual building design with cost estimates by the end of May, 2023.  If the Lake District board approves the club house building design and overall project budget; the proposed new club house design, project budget and cost implications to Lake District residents will be presented to Lake District residents in June of 2023.  At the September 2, 2023 Annual Meeting of the Lake District, a referendum vote will be held.  All residents of the Lake District will have the opportunity to vote to either approve or not approve the new proposed club house.  If the referendum is approved, the design process will be completed and construction will commence with the goal of opening the new club house in May of 2025.


Written by:  Jack Sorenson, Chairman of the Municipal Land Planning Committee and Dean Bostrom, Chairman of the Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District


Committee Members 

  • Jack Sorenson-
  • Paul Lopardo-
  • Scott Rhyan-
  • Andy
  • Jake Jacobson-
  • Linda Johnson-

Board Members

  • Dean Bostrom-
  • Greg Wisniewski-
  • Jim Kroeplin-
  • John Gilmartin-
  • Jane Marchese-Larsen-

Municipal Land Planning Committee Article #3

The Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District at their September 25, 2021 board meeting decided to revisit the future status of the 100 year old golf course clubhouse.  An ad-hoc committee was formed "Municipal Land Planning Committee '' named after the 9.47 acres of property which encompass the Clubhouse, Maintenance Building, Community Center and parking areas which support the three buildings and golf course.  The purpose of the committee is to develop recommendations to the board regarding all existing structures located within the defined Municipal Land area.  Board approved parameters were provided to the committee regarding the overall design of the proposed new clubhouse.  These parameters include that if the clubhouse is to be rebuilt, that it will be built no larger than the existing footprint, that it could be staffed with one person, that it would be fully ADA accessible and that it would maintain its same charm.

On June 29, 2022, the first article regarding the "Future of the Lauderdale Lakes Golf Club Clubhouse" was sent to all lake district residents who have provided their email address to the Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District. Within the first article an overview of the committee's purpose was outlined as well as the direction of the committee to focus on rebuilding the clubhouse versus attempting to renovate the 101-year clubhouse.  


Article #2 was sent to lake district residents on August 5, 2022.  This article provided the committee's architectural thoughts of the future clubhouse design as well as the committee's Mission Statement and vision.


The Municipal Land Planning Committee has been working hard to prepare and refine new clubhouse design parameters to ensure that the most qualified architect is retained to design a building that fulfills the expectations of the lake district board and its residents and that the future estimated construction costs do not exceed the budget ultimately approved by the lake district board.  At the September 4, 2022 Lake District annual meeting, Committee chairman Jack Sorenson presented an overview of the new proposed clubhouse concept plan and responded to a number of questions from lake residents in attendance at the meeting. Currently the committee is preparing to interview several architects to be able to make a recommendation to the lake district board in early 2023. A tentative schedule of key dates has been established to help ensure that the proposed new clubhouse project stays on schedule to open in late spring of 2025.  The tentative schedule of key dates is as follows:


Fall 2022 - Committee prepares new proposed clubhouse design parameters for architect interview process.

Early winter of 2022/2023 - Committee interviews qualified architecture firms to prepare recommendation to present to lake district board.

January/February 2023 - Lake District board approves contract to retain the services of architect firm to design new clubhouse and establish a project construction budget.

Spring 2023 - Architect designs preliminary building specifications and construction budget estimates.

Spring 2023 - Committee starts fund raising activities.

Summer 2023 - Lake District board approves building design specifications and construction budget estimate.

Late summer 2023 - District Dialogue sent to all lake district residents with proposed new clubhouse design, building specifications, construction budget and financial/tax impact of new clubhouse.

September 2, 2023 - Lake District annual meeting - Present new proposed building plan, budget and financial/tax impact to all lake district residents. Referendum vote held on approval of funding required to construct new clubhouse.

Fall/winter 2023/2024 - Architect prepares construction/bid documents.

Spring 2024 - Lake District board awards bids for construction of new clubhouse

Spring/Summer 2024 - Submit for all required construction permits

Summer/Early Fall 2024 - Construction commences

Late Spring 2025 - Soft opening of new clubhouse

Early Summer 2025 - Grand opening of new clubhouse



 Email updates will continue to be sent to all lake district residents who have provided the Lake District with their email address.  The emails will be sent out following each Lake District board meeting at which the Municipal Land Planning Committee provides the board with an update.  Residents who want to provide input to the committee please contact one of the committee members or one of the lake district commissioners.  The name and contact information for each of the committee members and board members is provided below.




Dean Bostrom, Chairman

Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District

Jack Sorenson, Chairman - Municipal Land Planning Committee



Committee Members

Jack Sorenson-

Paul Lopardo-

Scott Rhyan-


Jake Jacobson-

Linda Johnson-

Board Members

Dean Bostrom-

Greg Wisniewski-

Jim Kroeplin-

John Gilmartin-

Jane Marchese-Larsen-

Municipal Land Planning Committee

A Municipal Land Planning Committee was created by the board at their September 25 board meeting.  The committee was established to research, evaluate and develop recommendations to the board within the Lake District's Municipal Area (See map of roughly 9 acre property) including the Golf Clubhouse, Maintenance and Community Center buildings and land uses including parking, septic system, stormwater management and potential tennis court/pickleball courts.

The following lake district residents were appointed to serve on the committee:  Jack Sorenson - Chairman, Paulie Lopardo, Scott Rhyan, Linda Johnson, Jake Jacobson, Andy Brown and Jim Kroeplin - Board Liaison. 
After thoroughly evaluating whether to repair, rebuild or remodel the 100 year old clubhouse, the committee unanimously recommended to the board that the clubhouse be torn down and rebuilt in the same location. The recommended rebuilt clubhouse would be constructed within the same location and would be no larger than the existing clubhouse.  In addition, it was recommended to try to save or replicate the fireplace and maintain the same charm within the same size building footprint. 
As the existing Clubhouse septic field is currently not functioning as designed, the committee recommended to develop a new septic field located just south on the existing practice putting green.  The new septic field will be designed to fulfill the septic requirements of all three major buildings on the property. 
The committee also recommended that the Community Center and Maintenance buildings remain in their current state with required repairs made as necessary to maintain the current functionality of the buildings.  Furthermore, the committee is exploring the feasibility of constructing tennis/pickleball courts.  
The board unanimously agreed with the initial recommendations of the committee and authorized the committee to start interviewing architectural firms.  Following the committee's interview process, the committee will recommend an architecture firm to the board to design a new similar sized, fully accessible clubhouse that could be open year-round for social gatherings, meetings, activities, ect. 
Updates on the progress of the Municipal Land Planning Committee will be made available to all lake residents on the Lake District's website.  Feedback from lake district residents is very important to the board regarding this process of potentially building a new clubhouse! If additional lake district tax dollars are required to fund the new clubhouse, a referendum vote will eventually be held by all lake district residents. Submit your comments regarding the future status of the Golf Clubhouse to the Lake District via email at or in writing at the golf course clubhouse.     

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Final Watershed Planning Meeting

Please join us for our final Watershed Meeting.

Part 1: Tuesday, December 14, 2021 – 6:30 to 7:00pm

Brian Valleskey is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Meeting ID: 794 6178 2038
Passcode: 0AXpX4

Part 2: Tuesday, December 14, 2021 – 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Brian Valleskey is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Water Shed Meeting

Video links:

Topic: Lauderdale Lakes Project Implementation  Meeting #1

Time: Nov 2, 2021 06:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


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Meeting ID: 740 4005 2510

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Topic: Lauderdale Lakes Project Implementation Meeting #2

Time: Nov 2, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


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Water Shed Meeting

 There will be another watershed plan meeting on August 31 at 6:30 pm. This will be a zoom meeting. We will discuss the importance of the watershed planning approach, its potential impact/benefits for the lake(s), and how individuals such as yourself can take part. 

Zoom provided in two separate Meetings, please see below:


Session 1


Brian Valleskey is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: LLLMD Watershed Planning Meeting #2 Session 1: Review Past Studies

Time: Aug 31, 2021 06:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


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Session 2


Brian Valleskey is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Topic: LLLMD Watershed Planning Meeting #2 Session 2: Review Preliminary Study Results

Time: Aug 31, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)


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Meeting ID: 750 601 2826

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Watershed Kick-Off Planning Meeting

Dear residents, caretakers, stewards, and stakeholders of the Lauderdale Lakes

Please join us for the kick-off of watershed planning for the Lauderdale Lakes Chain, scheduled to take place at 6:30 - 7:15PM on Wednesday, June 30th. We will discuss the importance of the watershed planning approach, its potential impact/benefits for the lake(s), and how individuals such as yourself can take part.

Why should you take part in this initiative?

  • Learn what a watershed is and about the Lauderdale Lake’s watershed


  • Learn more about the lake(s), meet with others with the same interests


  • Provide input and insight into the planning of the future of the Lauderdale Lakes


  • See and learn about previous work and studies completed by the DNR, LLLMD, and others


  • Learn more about what it takes to manage the lake


  • Understand the planning process and why it is integral to the longevity of the Lauderdale Lakes


  • Help identify problems and opportunities to best preserve the lake(s)


  • Network with others around the lake(s) in the interest of becoming better stewards of the lake(s)


  • Better understand the roles of the DNR, Walworth County, and others in the management of the lake(s), local natural resources, and environmental protection


The kick-off meeting will be held via Zoom at the time and date listed above: Use the following link to attend:


Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 771 4519 3147
Passcode: 5DJMmM

The meeting is intended to go no longer than 45 minutes.


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Spring 2020 News

Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District - Spring 2020

As we have entered a new decade and now a new boating season all while sheltering in place, I thought it would be an opportunity to review the activities of the Lake District.  Although we are unable to meet, your board has been very busy at work making improvements on many fronts.

As a sign of the times, I have a special request:  If anyone has or knows of a source for the Lake District to purchase hand sanitizing bottles and disinfectant wipes, we would appreciate your help.  Please contact any of the board members.  We are in need of such items as we open both the Water Safety Patrol and the Golf Course.  I thank Jeff Angst who has provided us with masks free of charge from a local source.

The following is a brief update and review of some of the issues and activities that we are currently working on.

Outflow Dam:               Commissioner Jim Kroeplin, on behalf of the Lake District, has finalized the dam improvements and we should be receiving the final Grant funding any day now. The improvements to the dam are the final leg of the Lauderdale water outflow system.  Previously, the District oversaw the improvements of the culverts water flow under Sterlingworth Drive.  This action substantially increased the flow of water to the dam, clearly resulting in fewer “high water” or “slow no wake” days.  Now the water will flow unimpeded over the dam and down the Honey Creek.  The dam is now safer and the water flow is far less likely to ever be blocked by dam debris.  A blockage of debris in the dam could have caused a backup of water within our entire lakes area.  I thank Jim Kroeplin and all who have worked on the Culverts and Dam, as the resulting system is much improved. 

Aquatic Plants:            As a result of Greg Wisniewski’s efforts, we have just received a DNR Grant commitment for a required Aquatic Plant Study of the lakes.  The study is quite detailed and shows plant migration patterns in the lakes.  It is also required as a part of the cutting program permit.  The new season of plant harvesting will be starting very soon.

Watershed Study:         One of the purposes of the Lake District it to protect and maintain the environmental and recreational values of the lake.  The Lake is the spring fed head water of the Honey Creek; it also receives waters from all of the surrounding watershed areas that flow into the lake.  Past watershed studies have resulted in the District purchasing or leasing lands to create settling basins or areas planted with dense vegetation to improve the quality of the water entering into the Lake.  New studies are recommended from time to time as surrounding land uses or zoning changes may occur.  The DNR will help with grant funding and we will be looking for volunteers to help work with our engineer in gathering and preparing information to be assembled for such a study.  This project will likely be a three-year effort but one that we feel is extremely important at this time.  

We have recently had a few significant rains which carried mud and debris toward the lake.  Along with the Town of LaGrange, we are in the process of addressing some of these drainage areas now, as they may be able to be mitigated before or concurrent with the overall study.

Safety Patrol:   Ron Diedrich and Chief Ken Blanke are busy making preparations as the season begins particularly with regard to the social distancing requirements that keep evolving.  One patrol boat has been launched and is now kept at the Town’s boat house should an early season need arise.  

Please note that if you were born after January 1, 1989 and you wish to operate a PWC or motorized boat you need to have taken a boating safety class.  The Lauderdale Lakes Water Patrol is offering two such classes in 2020. They are June 13-14 and June 27– 28, they begin at 8:30 a.m. ending at 4:00 p.m.  More information can be found on the Lake District website.

Town of LaGrange:      The Town of LaGrange is installing buoys in the water as this is being written.  Please regard the boating rules even in the absence of certain buoys. 

Walworth County:        Walworth County has recently issued the following statement:

Guidance for Seasonal/Second Homeowners:

The Walworth County Division of Public Health requests that seasonal and second homeowners remain at their primary residence for the duration of the Safer at Home Order. This request applies to both in-state and out-of-state travelers. If travelers choose to relocate to a second home in Wisconsin, they should be prepared to immediately self-quarantine for 14 days. Public health recommends bringing groceries and essentials, as self-quarantine does not permit shopping at local stores for supplies.

For more information please go to:

Boat Speaker Noise:     Our board has received complaints about excessive volume and inappropriate content, from boats with elevated speaker systems.  If you live on the lake you undoubtedly know what the discussion is about.  The lake environment is for everyone’s enjoyment, we therefore ask all boaters to use common courtesy for their neighbors.  If you are asked to turn your volume down, please do so or move on to another location.  If you are not skiing and do not need those speakers on, please enjoy the internal speakers in your boat.  We would much rather inform the users of these audio systems of their downside and ask for cooperation and respect for their fellow lake residents than to have to create laws prohibiting certain volumes. 

Golf Course:     As this is written the golf course is closed. However, as of April 24thwe will be able to open the course for play, although the clubhouse must remain closed.  Carts will NOT be available and various “social distancing guidelines” will dictate other changes.   For information on tee times and the continuing changes relative to COVID – 19, please call the clubhouse at 262-742-2454.

Sparky has taken several bunkers out of play and has improved sand in the remaining traps.  The cutting of the grass has been improved with several pieces of newer equipment.   Sparky has worked hard to make improvements to keep the course in the great shape it has been in.  Hopefully, we will have a full season of great golfing weather.

Kristy has also been hard at work preparing for a new season.  We have purchased a new Point of Sale system; this will not only help our efficiency, but it should provide information to afford better data for decision making and future programming.  

Clubhouse:       We have made some improvements to the Clubhouse primarily to ensure its safety and basic preservation.  These recent improvements will give us more time with the buildings so that we may systematically discuss and take our time to come to well thought out conclusions on how to handle our aging buildings.   With the advent of the COVID – 19, this year will likely present many challenges.  Therefore, the board does not feel that this would be the time to enter into a major decision on a clubhouse building project. 

However, for your review and future discussion, the cost estimates received at the end of last year from Focus Engineering on renovation or rebuilding of the clubhouse are below and will be posted on the website.  This newer information combined with previous information should help us to accurately predict and assess the job conditions we may encounter whether we remodel, repair or rebuild all or part of it.

Focus Engineering estimates the following costs to either remodel or rebuild the existing clubhouse in its current location.  

Remodeling will likely range between $431,551 and $719,250; with their estimate at $575,400.

Rebuilding will likely range between $695,640 and $941,160; with their estimate at $818,000.

Rebuilding could be done in either the existing location or moving the building to have more direct access from Sterlingworth Dr.  Moving the clubhouse location would involve creating more parking, rebuilding the septic system, water well and likely making some golf course changes.  The additional cost of moving the building has been estimated at approximately $500,000; therefore, should the clubhouse be rebuilt in a new location the estimated total cost would be approximately $1,441,160 (the high side estimate for the building cost - plus the estimate of $500,000 for changes to the course, parking etc.)  Of course, final building specifications and details need to be identified.

This information is included for informational purpose only and long-range planning.  As said above, we do not plan on voting on this matter this year.

Piers:               If you are considering building or having a new pier built or significantly remodeled, you are required to get a pier permit.  The Lake District handles the inspection process for the permit which is issued under the Towns authority.  If the pier is found to be compliant (within the Towns pier ordinance) the permit is issued. However, should the pier require a variance or be in a sensitive area it will require a hearing for a variance. The hearing and enforcement are handled by the Towns of LaGrange or Sugar Creek.  For information regarding the pier requirements please contact the Lake District or one of the Towns.

The District and the Town of LaGrange are currently reviewing some of the provisions within the Town Pier Ordinance.

Septic Systems:                State law requires every standard septic system to be pumped minimally once every three years.  The Lake District does this for most electors.  This activity allows for the District to be aware of any systems that may breach or threaten to harm our lake resource.  Should you have questions about the program please let Commissioner Summers know.

Highway 12:                 Four lane Highway 12 runs from Richmond, Illinois northwest by Lake Geneva and terminates on the north side of Elkhorn. The route of the road had been planned to extend directly from its point of termination in Elkhorn to the bypass road around Whitewater, this unbuilt section of roadway is often referred to as the “Red Line”.  Due to various reasons, mainly budgeting, the Red Line section of the road was not built. Therefore, traffic heading toward Whitewater generally uses the existing 12/67 which travels along the east side of Lauderdale Lakes and the west side of Pleasant Lake. 

Significant increases in traffic are using the existing Hwy 12/67 and unfortunately this has led to a higher accident count along the route.  The Lake District has consistently supported the completion of an environmental impact study along the Red Line.  The study is precedent to the funding and building of the actual road along the Red Line route. 

The ultimate resolution to this overcrowded stretch of roads is for the construction of the Red Line route which would relieve the bulk of traffic passing our lakes toward Whitewater. This would undoubtedly reduce the current accident rate on Hwy 12/67 as well as keep the environmental impact along Hwy 12/67 no worse than it is now. 

We will continue to monitor political activity and funding for this choice.  Feel free to contact your representatives to express concern for the completion of the Red Line. 

Internet Service:           On numerous occasions our board has been asked about the quality of the internet service surrounding our lakes.  There are several companies currently serving the Lauderdale Lake area. 

I did attend a Walworth County Lakes Association Meeting pertaining to rural and lake internet service. The speaker was from Edge Broadband a Whitewater Company who is currently installing fiber optic cable near the south side of the Lauderdale Lakes area.  At the seminar, the speaker Brian, invited residents who are interested in higher speed internet to contact his company.  If you are interested the contact phone number is 262-458-4220. They assemble information on where the interest is and it helps them in planning their routing.   Our board passes this information on for your interest, not as an endorsement.

Information:     The Lake District has a website where much of the information about the District may be found.  Please go to


DHS recommends Wisconsin residents cancel or postpone all nonessential travel, including travel within the state. At this time, all international and domestic travel is considered risky, and all individuals who spend time outside of their home or local community have some risk of exposure to COVID-19. If international or domestic travel cannot be avoided, be prepared to remain away for an extended period of time if travel restrictions change or if you become sick. You should also be prepared to self-quarantine at home for 14 days upon your return.

Travel between private homes within the state, including seasonal homes or rental cabins, is strongly discouraged. This is for your safety and wellbeing as well as the safety of our rural counties and tribal communities. Non-essential travel outside your current community may spread COVID-19 to areas with very limited health care infrastructure.

Several counties in Wisconsin have issued travel advisories for seasonal and second homeowners. If you choose to travel to a second home in Wisconsin, you should be prepared to immediately self-quarantine for 14 days. You should bring your own groceries and essentials, as self-quarantine does not permit shopping at local stores for supplies. 

“Safer At Home” and travel. On March 24, Governor Evers implemented a “Safer at Home” order for all Wisconsin residents, which will be in effect until at least April 24, 2020. This requires that Wisconsin residents stay at home or their place of residence, unless performing essential activities, such as seeking health care, food, necessary supplies and services, outdoor exercise, certain types of work, and other qualified activities. All travel within Wisconsin is prohibited other than certain essential travel, including:

  • Travel required by law enforcement or court order.
  • Travel to return home from outside your home jurisdiction.
  • Travel to care for elderly, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, or other vulnerable populations.
  • Travel to or from educational institutions to receive materials for distance learning, meals, or other related services.
  • Travel required for non-residents to return to their place of residence outside of Wisconsin.
  • Any travel related to perform other approved essential activities, special situations, essential government functions, essential business operations, and minimum basic operations, as described in Gov. Evers’ “Safer At Home” order.

Older adults and people with chronic medical conditions. If you are at risk for serious illness from COVID-19, you should avoid all travel within and outside of your community in order to minimize contact with others.

International or domestic travel. All travel that does not qualify as an essential activity should be canceled or postponed in compliance with the “Safer at Home” order.

Travel to countries with a Level 3 Travel Notice and travel on cruise ships are not considered safe at this time due to widespread transmission of COVID-19 in these areas. People who travel to these areas despite this recommendation should be prepared to encounter significant delays in returning home.

If you are returning from travel. If you traveled anywhere outside of your local community in the past 14 days, you are being asked to stay home and monitor yourself for symptoms for 14 days after you returned. If you were able to practice social distancing during the entire time you were away (for example, you stayed in your car by yourself and kept at least 6 feet distance between yourself and others), you should still monitor your symptoms and practice social distancing.

  • Stay home. It is important that you avoid contact with others to avoid spreading the infection to others (this is called “self-quarantine”).
  • Monitor your symptoms. Check your temperature twice daily, and write down any symptoms you have (this is called ‘self-monitoring”). If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, cough, shortness of breath, or others and need medical care, call your doctor. See the Medium risk flier for a chart you can use to log your daily symptoms.

See COVID-19: Monitoring for Illness for more details about self-monitoring and self-quarantine.

Note: Self-quarantine rules may not apply for health care workers and others who perform essential services. Contact your local health department if you have questions about travel-related quarantine guidelines.

For everyone. Because COVID-19 transmission is now widespread throughout Wisconsin, even people who have not traveled outside of their community should minimize their contact with others by staying home when possible, practicing social distancing, and being alert for symptoms of COVID-19.


Regional Planning Meetings - Red Line Route

I recently received a contact from Kevin Muhs, Executive Director of the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.  He assured me that the "Red Line" (the expansion and rerouting of USH 12 on a diagonal between Elkhorn and Whitewater) is still included in the Region's transportation plan and that they do support that ultimate connection. 

Here is his description of what the facts are: 

In December 2018, the Regional Planning Commission amended VISION 2050 as part of preparing for Foxconn. Unrelated to Foxconn, but because we were amending the long-range plan, the Commission was required by Federal regulations to look at what is called "available and reasonably expected available revenues" (essentially, how much money was available to implement the plan given current funding sources and federal and state regulations). The conclusions of that analysis, called the "fiscally-constrained" transportation plan, did result in substantial amount of roadway work across Southeastern Wisconsin being determined to be unattainable by 2050 given the funding constraints at that time. However, since that time (December 2018), the State Legislature has added additional funding for transportation, and it is expected that many projects will be included in the "fiscally-constrained" transportation plan that were required to be removed in December 2018. This analysis will be completed again as part of the current interim update process.

To try to clarify, the Regional Planning Commission still recommends the "Red Line" in the form it has had for decades. The funded subset of the long-range plan, as of December 2018, does not include this project, along with a number of other freeway construction projects across Southeastern Wisconsin. The Regional Planning Commission does not have the authority to raise additional revenues for transportation projects or redirect funds in State budgets to specific projects, and therefore does not have the authority to add or remove projects from the "fiscally-constrained" transportation plan on its own.”

Therefore Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission DOES support the Red Line route.


2019 District Dialogue

The District Dialogue is a newsletter containing information for property owners on lake district issues along with information on the budget and tax levy. You can always read the most recent and other issues of the District Dialogue online on the Documents page.

Annual Lake Management District Community Meeting and Budget Hearing

Thank you to all who participated in our 2019 Annual Meeting!  Jim Kroeplin was re-elected for a three-year term as Lake District Commissioner.  Meeting Materials can be viewed here.

The 2020 Annual Community Meeting and Budget Hearing will be held Saturday, September 5, 2020 - the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  Registration begins at 9:30 and the meeting begins at 10:00.


Fish Cribs

If you are taking any trees down on your property, the Lauderdale Lakes Improvement Association's Fish Committee needs your help! 

Contact Jeff Angst and he can take care of the wood for you... the committee needs pieces that are 6 feet long and 7-14 inches in diameter to build fish cribs.


Boating Safety Courses

The Lauderdale Lakes Water Safety Patrol offers opportunities for Boater Safety Courses every year. Two Wisconsin DNR-sanctioned courses will be offered by the Lauderdale Lakes Water Patrol this year.

Successful completion of a boating safety course is required for anyone (12 and over) born on or after January 1, 1989 if they intend to operate a PWC or motorized boat without an adult onboard.  The classes offered by the Lauderdale Water Safety Patrol are sanctioned by the DNR and provide students with information useful for boater safety on Lauderdale Lakes.

2020 Class Dates:    June 13-14
                                  June 27-28

2020 Boating Safety Course Information

WI DNR Boating Regulations Handbook (updated in 2016)

The Wisconsin Department of Natuaral Resources published an updated Boating Regulations Handbook in 2016.  Our officers will carry the handbooks on our boats and the Water Patrol will make them available at lake community events.

You can view the updated handbook here.