Update: Regional Planning Meetings - Red Line Route

I recently received a contact from Kevin Muhs, Executive Director of the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.  He assured me that the "Red Line" (the expansion and rerouting of USH 12 on a diagonal between Elkhorn and Whitewater) is still included in the Region's transportation plan and that they do support that ultimate connection. 

Here is his description of what the facts are: 

In December 2018, the Regional Planning Commission amended VISION 2050 as part of preparing for Foxconn. Unrelated to Foxconn, but because we were amending the long-range plan, the Commission was required by Federal regulations to look at what is called "available and reasonably expected available revenues" (essentially, how much money was available to implement the plan given current funding sources and federal and state regulations). The conclusions of that analysis, called the "fiscally-constrained" transportation plan, did result in substantial amount of roadway work across Southeastern Wisconsin being determined to be unattainable by 2050 given the funding constraints at that time. However, since that time (December 2018), the State Legislature has added additional funding for transportation, and it is expected that many projects will be included in the "fiscally-constrained" transportation plan that were required to be removed in December 2018. This analysis will be completed again as part of the current interim update process.

To try to clarify, the Regional Planning Commission still recommends the "Red Line" in the form it has had for decades. The funded subset of the long-range plan, as of December 2018, does not include this project, along with a number of other freeway construction projects across Southeastern Wisconsin. The Regional Planning Commission does not have the authority to raise additional revenues for transportation projects or redirect funds in State budgets to specific projects, and therefore does not have the authority to add or remove projects from the "fiscally-constrained" transportation plan on its own.”

Therefore, while the map that was brought to our attention does not include the Red Line, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission DOES support the Red Line route.

Feel free to attend the hearings if you would like to learn more about the plans.

I apologize for any inconvenience, if you have any questions please let me know.

Jack Sorenson
Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District 

Regional Planning Meetings - Red Line Route


SEWRPC is holding Public Meetings to review information and collect feedback on proposed updates to VISION 2050.  I encourage you to attend one of the informational meetings if you can, as I believe it will be informative and interesting and will provide an opportunity for residents to share their support for the Red Line Route.

There will be a meeting in Elkhorn on Wednesday, December 11th from 5-7 pm at Matheson Memorial Library.  I encourage you to attend this meeting in support of retaining the "Red Line" to address traffic and safety concerns for the current roadway in a way that will avoid a negative impact on the lakes.  

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