Ice Safety

Please exercise caution on the lakes!  While ice has formed over much of the lake, please be diligent as all areas of the lake may not have ice that is safe.  We had an accident near the Sterlingworth already this season, so we would like to remind our local community to be cautious!    Ice Safety tips from the Wisconsin DNR

Fish Cribs

If you are taking any trees down on your property, the Lauderdale Lakes Improvement Association's Fish Committee needs your help! 

Contact Jeff Angst and he can take care of the wood for you... the committee needs pieces that are 6 feet long and 7-14 inches in diameter to build fish cribs.


LLLMD Board Meeting

The next Lake Management District Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 2, 2018, at 8:00 a.m. at the Lauderdale Lakes Community Center, N7511 Sterlingworth Drive, Elkhorn.


Annual Lake Management District Community Meeting & Budget Hearing

Thank you to everyone who participated by attending this year's annual meeting on September 1st! 
Jack Sorenson and John Summers were reelected to three-year terms as LLLMD board commissioners.

Next year's meeting will be held Saturday, August 31, 2019 - the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  Registration begins at 9:30 and the meeting begins at 10:00.

August 2018 edition: District Dialogue 

2018 Meeting Materials

Boating Safety Courses

The Lauderdale Lakes Water Safety Patrol offers opportunities for Boater Safety Courses every year. The courses are completed for this year, but we will offer opportunities for the classes again next year. Sign up for email updates by clicking "subscribe" on this page, and you will receive notice of dates and times for 2019 classes. 

Successful completion of a boating safety course is required for anyone (12 and over) born on or after January 1, 1989 if they intend to operate a PWC or motorized boat without an adult onboard.  The classes offered by the Lauderdale Water Safety Patrol are sanctioned by the DNR and provide students with information useful for boater safety on Lauderdale Lakes.

WI DNR Boating Regulations Handbook (updated in 2016)

The Wisconsin Department of Natuaral Resources published an updated Boating Regulations Handbook in 2016.  Our officers will carry the handbooks on our boats and the Water Patrol will make them available at lake community events.

You can view the updated handbook here.


The November 2018 publication of Shorelines is available on the Lauderdale Lakes Improvement Association's website.