Pier Inspection

The Towns of LaGrange and Sugar Creek are working with the Lake District to manage piers on Lauderdale Lakes. The Towns’ pier ordinance limits the number and size of moorings on lake properties.

  • Piers may be a maximum of 35 feet in length and may have walking surfaces no wider than 5 feet
  • Any new or replacement pier requires a permit
  • Repair or replacement of any vertical supports require a permit
  • Replacement of decking/handrails does not require a permit when vertical supports aren't being repaired or replaced
  • Property owners are allowed 1 mooring space for every 22 feet of frontage
  • Any pier or boat lift in areas designated by the WI DNR as “Environmentally Sensitive” requires a variance
  • Piers must be at least 8 feet from property lines so as not to interfere with the riparian rights of neighboring property owners
  • Riparian zones can be difficult to determine and are strictly enforced - the pier inspector will assist property owners in identifying riparian rights

The most frequently asked questions about new piers concern the number of moorings allowed. According to the Town Ordinance, you are allowed:

  • One mooring for every 22 feet of frontage
  • One pier counts as two moorings, even if there are not two watercraft moored
  • Those with 44 feet of frontage are allowed two moorings
  • One additional mooring (wave runner or sailboat lift, for example) is allowed for those with 66 feet of frontage
  • Two piers, or four moorings, are permitted for those with 88 feet of frontage
  • Those with 110+ feet of frontage are allowed five moorings
  • No more than five moorings are allowed, regardless of the length of frontage
  • All watercraft, including wave runners, jet skis, etc. are counted toward the total number of moorings

Piers that were in place as of April 2012 are grandfathered under Wisconsin law and can be replaced with a permit using their original dimensions. The dimensions of those piers, not necessarily their placement, are grandfathered. Replacement piers must also be clear of property lines so they do not interfere with neighbors’ riparian rights.

Filing a permit application is the first step in the process, whether the pier is a replacement pier, new pier, grandfathered, or in an environmentally sensitive area.

Property owners must have an approved permit prior to commencing work - starting construction without a permit will result in double fees.

Please contact the Pier Inspector, Kai Cook, with any questions:
262.903.8351 or pierinspection@lauderdalelakedistrict.com

LLLMD Commissioner John Gilmartin oversees this project please contact him with any concerns: 312-485-5875

Pier Ordinance and Permit Application

Click here to view/download the Pier Permit Application (rev. 11/17/2019).

Towns of LaGrange and Sugar Creek Pier Ordinance 2021