Treasurer's Page

The Lake District is governed by Chapter 33 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. Chapter 33 specifies the powers and duties of the Board of Commissioners, some of which are led by, or are the responsibility of, the Treasurer. Key responsibilities of the Treasurer of the Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District include:

  • Providing information to the Board for development of the annual budget, documenting recommendations for the budget, and presenting the proposed budget at the Annual Meeting for approval by constituents.
  • Maintaining the books, records, bank accounts, and recordkeeping systems of the District in accordance with applicable accounting standards, statutes, and adopted policies.
  • Endeavoring to comply with applicable legislation.
  • Arranging for, and preparing all relevant information for the annual review.
  • Providing financial information to the Board as appropriate to provide timely tools for sound decision making.

Greg Wisniewski is the current Treasurer for the LLLMD.

Lake District Financial Statements

View our financial documents, including our annual transactions review and approved budgets: